What Makes Bazzzics™ Different?

“The power of the Bazzzics sleep collection is that it connects with a wide range of individuals, who can combine its formulas to suit their needs. Ingredients are carefully chosen to provide optimal support to the nervous system and treat the stress component – a big difference from options that only treat the symptoms.”
– Evelyne Rondeau, Certified Naturopath (ND.A)

1. Bazzzics can be customized to address individual sleeping issues.

Whether you have trouble falling asleep, are experiencing frequent night time awakenings, or are simply finding it difficult to wind down after your day, only Bazzzics offers a solution that can be tailored to address your need. Each formula can be taken on its own, or combined together, to give you what you need for a good night's sleep.

2. Bazzzics contains NO melatonin and is completely drug-free.

The active ingredients in each plant-based formula is made from concentrated herbal extracts known for their safety and efficacy. Bazzzics products contain no melatonin or other synthetic hormones, and are free of narcotics and other drugs. Bazzzics lets you wake up refreshed, without feeling foggy or drowsy.

3. Bazzzics has no adverse side-effects and is non habit-forming, even after prolonged periods of use.

Many over-the-counter sleep aids have known counteractions with other medications or have serious side effects. Bazzzics™ is a safe, effective alternative to more traditional sleep aids, that can be taken for a prolonged period without risk of dependency.

4. Bazzzics uses 100% biodegradable packaging

Plastic is everywhere and has created massive environmental problems. We  sleep well at night knowing Bazzzics™ products are packaged in eco-friendly pouches that are 100% biodegradable and compostable.

5. Bazzzics is proudly made in Canada

Most available products are made by large US-based corporations. The Bazzzics™ line of natural sleep aids are made in Canada and were developed by Lumiera Health Inc., a Canadian public company based in Saint-Hubert, Quebec. When you buy Bazzzics™, you're supporting a local business and protecting Canadian jobs. 

Get The Sleep You Need, Now.

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